Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spider-Man Posters Are Swinging My Way

In January Rittenhouse released the Spider-Man Original Animated Series Lenticular Motion Trading Cards set, at the time Rittenhouse was selling the 11 card set (9 lenticular cards plus 2 autographs) for a whopping $100, which is way more than what I was willing to spend. I had assumed that people would be selling the 9 lenticular base card set for $10-20 within a week of the release, boy was I wrong. People are selling the complete 11 card set; it appears that nobody is breaking up the set to sell the Paul Soles autographs separately. I find myself in a predicament; I can either wait until someone sells the base cards alone or dig in and pay $95-100 for the set, something I would rather not do.
I have found myself looking for cool Spider-man alternatives that are more reasonable in price, I have been keeping an eye on some Spidey cards and a handful of sketch cards but I came across something that may actually be a nice addition to my Spider-man collection, comic book cover posters.
The poster that caught my attention and brought me to the site was The Amazing Spider-Man #70, which was part of a Kingpin story line and includes the first appearance of Kingpin’s wife Vanessa Fisk. Issue #70 in a nice condition can run $20 or more so a movie poster sized vintage comic book cover rendition for a similar price is pretty fair. I don’t normally post about companies but when it comes to cool items I figure I can bend the rules a tad.

What is even better is that there are quite a few comic book covers including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and the list goes on, there are even some odd ball covers like Weird Tales, Yellowjacket Comics and Charlie Chan. I spent at least an hour going through the pages, I think I may have found a new type of collectible to add to my super hero collection. I already have a Machete movie poster above my computer, I think a couple of Spidey and Green Lantern comic book posters would be perfect bookends around it.

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