Monday, August 5, 2013

A Recent Pickup

As an artist I have an appreciation for art cards, I think that card companies have done a wonderful job with artist selections. Companies like Topps, Upper Deck, Rittenhouse, Leaf,  Sportkings/Famous Fabrics and Cryptozoic include a variety of sketch and original art cards so that collectors have many choices.
I usually keep my eye on sketch card auctions and will pick some up when the price is right and I recently came across a sketch card that had a price I could not pass up. A 2011 Leaf National Convention Mickey Dolenz sketch card by Kevin-John for the whopping price of .99 cents and free shipping. I wasn’t even going to bid at first but you can’t argue with a sketch card of the Monkees drummer for a buck.
I was born in the early-70s so I grew up listening to my brothers play the Monkees on 8-Track and when the band released “Then & Now Best of the Monkees” in 1986 they suddenly became relevant again to the point where Nickelodeon was re-playing their television show in marathon blocks at night so a whole new generation was being introduced to them again.

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