Monday, February 3, 2014

All That Is Left IV

Now that the Seahawks have won the big game 'Hawks fans like me are now coming back to Earth so it is time to find out what else was in those Championship repacked packs. In all I opened 38 packs (counting the Panini sticker pack and the OT packs) and I had some decent pulls. For the first time I actually pulled some relics and an autograph.

Let us find out “All that is left”.

A couple of rookies with a 2012 Prestige Richardson and a 2012 Upper Deck Mohamed Sanu 1993 SP variation. I always liked the early 1990s SP design, they were among my favorites of the decade.

A 2012 Topps Chrome Justin Blackmon 1965 Tall Boy variation
 A Magician’s top hat worth of Topps Magic football:
A double dose of 2012 Magic rookies; Nick Foles and a RG3 mini

A double dose of 2013 Magic inserts/parallels; Sam Bradford short print black bordered mini and a Manti Te’o Rookie Enchantment (I really like these cards).
One of the repacks came with an advertised relic card along with some inserts and additional draft cards in penny sleeves floating in the box. The relic card I got was a 2006 Upper Deck Vernon Davis Rookie Futures jersey card. 
 A 2012 Absolute Kendall Wright Star Gazing jersey relic
A 2012 Strata Jeff Fuller Rookie autograph
I also pulled a variety of rookies and inserts, nothing special though. This year was my most satisfying break because I was fortunate enough to see my favorite team win the Super Bowl, I got my first hits out of a repack box and now the sports cards at 2-2 at predicting the Super Bowl.

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