Monday, February 10, 2014

Talk About A Potential Customer Service Nightmare Hopefully Averted

A bolt of fear overcame me when I went to check on one of my Topps redemption cards this morning and this is what I saw

My 2012 Topps Strata Bernard Pierce card was marked cancelled…

I checked around and found that Topps posted on their Twitter feed that the cancelled cards were a system error and that the cards are still pending. They have since taken down the Topps Redemption web site temporarily while they correct the error. Topps customer service has been iffy at best the past year, I could imagine what kind of backlash Topps would receive if they intentionally cancelled thousands of redemptions.


  1. and if they did cancel all of the redemptions... what would you do? Boycott them and buy one of their competitor's product instead?

    oh, wait.....

  2. True, options are limited to Panini and Topps with NFL football.

  3. That would have been an awesome April Fools joke. Too bad they're a month and a half early. Glad they're working on the issue.