Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who You Gonna Call?

Ok, so I didn’t have to call the Ghostbusters to exercise my Griffey ghost card. I got an email from Daniel Wilson, who once again offered to help me out, from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop letting me know he had an additional 1995 Pinnacle Griffey #128 card, the famous bubble gum card, and that he would send it to me.

It is a wonderful feeling having a card in your hand that you know you are missing from your collection, even a base card like this one.

Knowing that I am a Diamondback’s fan and that I do not have a D-Backs personal collection Daniel included a group of cards to get my collection going. Some young players and established vets that have worn the D-backs jersey so that I had a nice variety, guys like Matt Williams, Stephen Drew, Conor Jackson and Randy Johnson.

Thank you once again Daniel, I really appreciate your generosity.


  1. Glad to help! Not only are you a fellow Arizonan and D-Backs fan, but we're both Griffey collectors, so it was the least I could do!

  2. Classic card! I'll have to look for one to go with my 76T Kurt Bevacqua card.