Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Encyclopedia Brown And The Case Of The Missing Signatures

If you are looking for a Kevin Durant autograph that isn’t an autograph as well as being an eBay 1/1 then I have found the auction for you. This 2007-08 Sweet Spot Signatures Durant autograph card, where the autograph has almost completely disappeared, can be had for only $3,535.35
If Kevin Durant isn’t your cup of tea than how about a 2007-08 Sweet Spot Signature Kobe Bryant autograph card where Kobe’s signature is also pulling a disappearing act? This eBay 1/1 can be yours for a discounted $2,424.24
The seller, from China, suggests that if you purchase these cards you should contact Upper Deck so you can request of an exchange for an equal value card. I am pretty sure Upper Deck would tell you to forget about it if you tried asking for a replacement of a 7 year old card.
Sadly the 2007-08 Sweet Spot Signature cards are notorious for disappearing ink. I couldn’t even imagine dropping hundreds, if not thousands, when these came out only have to a blank card within 5-7 years. It is odd too that the 2006-07 and the 2008-09 releases do not have the same problems, does anyone know what was different in the 2007-08 version?


  1. it likely has to do with the quality of the leather they used. UD probably used a cheaper leather not thinking it mattered. Only to realize very quickly how much it did matter.

  2. I have a Robin Yount from that set that is pretty badly faded too. Ernest is 100% right -- poor quality leather will fade every time.

  3. I've seen faded Ron Santo autos on ebay where the seller makes no mention of it. Thankfully I think I only have one of those.