Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Should We Believe Preseason Hype?

It is time to begin stocking up on Geno Smith rookie cards.
Following a recent poll of NFL coaches and execs regarding next season’s potential starting NFL QBs Geno Smith was rated as the #32 ranked quarterback. His response, "If I'm No. 32, by this time next year or the year after, I expect to be in the top 5."
The poll ranked QBs in four tiers with Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck rounding out Tier 1 as the Top 5 QBs. So apparently Smith, who threw for 3,046 yards, 12 TDs and 21 INTs for an NFL worst 66.5 QB rating, plans on over taking Andrew Luck (the #5 Ranked QB), who threw for 3,822 yards, 23 TDs, 9 INTs and a 87.0 QB rating.
Geno Smith had some good outings last year, in the Jets 8 wins Smith threw 10 TDs compared to 5 INTs and an 89.6 QB rating. On the flip side in the Jets 8 losses he threw 2 TDs compared to 16 INTs and a 39.6 QB rating and includes two games with 0 TDs and 3 INTs and two games with a QB rating of 10.1 or less. At this point he isn't even the best QB on the Jets roster.
I don’t doubt he has the ability to get better but then so did Mark Sanchez, who got better over his first three seasons before collapsing on 2012. I think Smith’s biggest obstacle to overcome will be the Jets themselves.
I think we can hold off on rushing to snatch up Smith’s cards, I seriously doubt he will be a Top 5 QB within the next two years unless 27 other QBs suddenly succumb to a 17-week flu.
At least he isn’t like some of the other Jets players like CB Dee Miliner claiming to be the #1 player at his position, even though he only played in 13 games and was benched multiple times, or like LB Calvin Pace who claims the Jets have the league’s best defense, even though they were ranked #20 last year, #19 in 2012 and #20 in 2011.
To add insult to injury Michael Vick yesterday said that he feels that Geno Smith is 10% better than last year. When you consider that Smith was a hyped up rookie you would expect a significantly better than 10% increase in skill. He should be running the First Team with precision now, not still learning how to read defenses and run through progressions.

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