Monday, August 4, 2014

Instant Collection, Just Add Wasted Money

For the up and coming collector I found the deal for you, 1.2 million collectibles for the low low price of $20,000 plus shipping (not listed). For the price of a car you get an amazing collection that breaks down to only 17 cents per item. These items are part of a closing store’s inventory, if this is the type of product the store attempted to sell I can understand why it is now closed.
The collection is made up of junk wax complete sets, boxes, hand collated collections, singles, Starting Lineups and other collectible items. Toss in some “hits” like Brian Griese jersey relics and Travis Wilson autographs, vintage cards form the 1970s and 80s (vintage?), rookies from amazing players like Brady Quinn and on and on.
About the only thing of true value is a Barry Bonds autographed baseball and a couple of pucks signed by Mike Richter and Adam Graves. The collection might be fun to look through and some items could be useful to player collectors but in all honesty there is very little value, despite the fact that the seller lists Beckett values up to $40 for various cards. The seller, who has 100% positive on 151 feedback, has only 2 feedback in the past two years and has not sold anything since 2011.

This is the type of listing that belongs on Craigslist.


  1. Not sure if I want to laugh or cry. Sort of looks like my collection ;-)

  2. Hey! It's a bargain now! The seller relisted the lot for *only* $10,000!