Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sometimes The Pain Stings For Years

While playing a rehab game with the Seattle Mariners Single A team (Everett Aquasox) in Boise the once highly regarded prospect Jesus Montero went in to the stands with a bat in hand to confront a heckler. He was eventually restrained by the pitching coach but the damage was already done.
Things have not been going well for Montero since his trade to the Mariners. In 2013 he was suspended for 50 games in connection to the Biogenesis probe and then he showed up to spring training in February 40 pounds overweight. The Mariners sent him down to minors in May after only 17 At-bats with the team. He was supposed to return to the Mariners this week but after his actions in Boise the team has suspended him for the remainder of the season. He will not be playing at any level.
What made this whole situation worse is that the heckler is a Mariners scout. It began with the scout, Butch Baccala, yelling for Montero to hustle off the field in between innings (which seems like a fair suggestion from a scout to a player hoping to make it back to the big leagues) but eventually digressed to Baccala having an ice cream sandwich sent to Montero in the dugout making fun of his weight. This was what set off Montero who then grabbed a bat and headed in to the stands where he began to scream at the scout and throw things at him. The team is going to use this time to “re-evaluate” Jesus Montero to see what they can do to address his issues on and off the field. Which probably should be read as “We are considering if it is better to keep him or dump him”.
By the time spring training rolls around in 2015 he will be 2 seasons removed from his amazing 2012 season. He has been replaced at catcher by an even better young prospect in Mike Zunino so he would most likely move to DH full time. It does not help that he also has the A-Rod/Biogenesis stigmata working against his image.
He is still young (only 24 years old) but is it time to move Jesus Montero cards? His autographs can be found for under $5 and his base rookies under $1, it may be too late for anyone who jumped on the Yankees Montero prospect bandwagon and paid big for his rookie cards only 6 years ago. I am guessing that the people that dropped hundreds of dollars for his 2008 Bowman Chrome autographs are feeling some pain right about now.

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  1. To make the whole thing more confusing Montero wasn't even activated to play in the game. He was acting as the first base coach when the scout started it all.