Monday, August 11, 2014


I have been hunting for a card that has alluded me for nearly 20 years, mainly because of price. When Skybox was getting ready to release the 1994 Simpsons Series II release in 1994 they issued 10 promo cards including two Willy “The Dupe” Dipkin baseball cards. The first one B1 contains the Bongo logo and a write up about the upcoming release and the second one P4 actually has stats on the back like a real baseball card.
When the set was released I picked up a box and was able to complete the set, even pulling a rare Arty Art card. But I was unable to get my hands on one of the promo cards. It wasn’t until I joined eBay in 2000 that I was able to even catch a glimpse of one but the prices were always to high. Even 20 years later the prices are still higher than I would normally consider paying for a promo card. The B1 Dipkin, the more common version, still sells in the $15-30 range with the rarer P4 version often topping $50, though there is a P4 currently offered for $40.
Last week I saw a B1 version posted for $4.99 and I forgot to bid, fortunately it ended with no bids and was relisted. This time I posted the minimum bid and waited as the time ticked down. In the end I won with the $4.99 bid plus $1 shipping and this beauty is mine.
The card is based off of Billy Ripken’s 1989 Fleer “F**K Face” card, replacing the “F**K” with “FISH”. I am pretty excited to finally own one, I am still on the hunt for a P4 version with his stats on the back but I am unwilling to spend the insane prices that are being asked currently.

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