Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Taijuan Pickups

My pickup pile is starting to stack up high and since I have posted a couple of non-sports related posts I am going with some recent Taijuan Walker pickups for my Seattle Mariners collection.
First up is his 2014 Gypsy Queen rookie card. Walker has been in the Mariners system since he was drafted in 2010. He has appeared in 88 minor league games going 30-30 while pitching 9 games for the Mariners where he has gone 2-2. He is currently the Mariners #1 prospect and just got called up, he is scheduled for 2 more starts this year (Friday against the Astros and next Wednesday against the Blue Jays).
I was fortunate enough to pick up his 2013 Leaf Trinity Pure Glass autograph # 6/60 for an insane price, $6.02 shipped. This card is currently selling for $25-30 plus shipping so mine was almost a steal. I have been watching the Pure Glass cards since their release because they are quite unique. The only downside is they are a fingerprint magnet, not that I am complaining.

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