Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yea Stewie!!!

When it comes to sketch cards I think the more the merrier, as long as they are a solid design. I have been watching Family Guy sketches hoping to finally be able to pick one up under $10 and while I have had no luck over the years I have come across some amazing cards.
I came across this card the other day from the artist Vincenzo D’Ippolito, though he is more commonly known as Chenduz. He has worked with Topps for years creating sketch cards for various GPK and Wacky Packages sets and here he joined GPK with Family Guy for a quite unique version of Stewie. Now this is a custom card, most likely commissioned by someone, and it is not an official GPK or Family Guy card. It is currently posted with a $40 BIN, which is actually on the lower end of the price range for Family Guy sketch cards, though well outside of my miserly max of $10-15 for a sketch card.

It appears as if Rupert is having a tough day being torn in half and missing an eye.

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