Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Presidential Oddball Of Sorts

I came across a card that I was pretty excited to see, an American Heroes Gerald Ford relic from Tri City Sports Poland (or TCSP) . These cards are from TCSP’s Five Year Anniversary promotion and they were randomly inserted in to various boxes of TCSP product during 2013. I know that the company has had customer service problems and many of their cards are pretty poorly designed but I really like the American Heroes design.
The release is made up of three subsets; Relics (#/100), Autograph-Relics (#/2) and Autographs (#1/1). The checklist contains 4 Presidents (Nixon, Ford, Carter and Regan), 2 actors (DeNiro & Pacino) plus Bruce Springsteen and John Gotti.
The card is thick and a heavy plastic, almost feeling like a heavy duty credit card. The back has a write up about Ford during his 3 years as President along with the TCSP hologram and the card numbering to #/100, mine is #87/100.
Most of the cards from this set start at $19.99 and run up to $40 but when I came across this card it had a starting bid of only $1.99. I am wondering if the seller set the price incorrectly by accident and that they really intended to type in $19.99. I won the card for $3.25 plus another $2.50 for shipping.
I am looking to add the other three Presidents to my collection as well as Al Pacino as long as I can find them all for reasonable prices. I expect to pay more for Regan and the actors but hopefully I can pick up Tricky Dick and Carter for less than $10 each.
I have since added a Robert DeNiro relic for $3.22 shipped.


  1. customer service issues is putting it nicely. it is a snazzy card, at least.

  2. Great lookin' card. I'd love to add the Reagan to my collection... but his card went for over $30 on eBay. I can't justify paying that much for a card with a vague COA. However... I'd buy it all day long for the prices you've been paying. Nice finds.