Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bazooka Griffey

In my continued effort to build up my Ken Griffey Jr. collection occasionally I find myself in the occasional dilemma when it comes to price. With Griffey being one of the most popular baseball players of the past 25 years it is no wonder that even now after his retirement his cards still demand a premium over other cards in the set. From time to time I hunt down a card that is teetering on the edge of my self-imposed max price so I continue to watch and wait for a deal to appear.
The wait and see attitude has helped me not only pick up the Griffey card but sometimes even an additional bonus. A couple of times I have added a complete subset/insert set for roughly the same price. Which is how I ended up with the 22-card 1990 Bazooka set.
The set was made up of a collection of established players like Robin Yount, Rickey Henderson and Tony Gwynn plus younger prospects like Griffey, Jim Abbott and Gary Sheffield as well as some “Never were” players who filled out the checklist.

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