Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Good Guys Boston Bruins

Too often the public hears about the negative elements connected to sports, either the athletes themselves committing crimes or the teams/management screwing over the players and fans. The public rarely hears about the positive decisions that are made daily.
Each year the Boston Bruins make a trip to Boston’s Children’s Hospital to visit kids and bring a little cheer to their lives. People may not realize but events like this brighten the day of the children as well as their parents. To add some cheer the Bruins players dressed up as characters from Disney’s Frozen, though quite peculiar versions of the characters. They even sung "Let It Go" at times.
I know what these families are going through, when my son was young he spent weeks at a time in Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma and when he was 7 months old the Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders came to visit for Halloween. It is these types of visits that help families, some may even say it is therapeutic, at least to ease the mind.

The players; Kevin Miller (Kristoff), Dougie Hamilton (Elsa), Matt Fraser (Anna), Seth Griffith (Hans), Matt Bartkowski (Sven) and Torrey Krug (Olaf)

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