Thursday, October 2, 2014

Farscape Comic Card Pickups

One thing that collectors have gotten used to over the past decade has been the closing of card stores at an alarming rate. The same can be said about comic book shops, they are closing just as quick due to the availability of most collectibles online. Occasionally this can work out in our favor, though still disappointing none-the-less.

Not long ago I heard that a local comic book shop was closing and they were discounting much of their stock so I headed up to take a look. I am looking for 2 issues of Mars Attacks Judge Dredd and was hoping to find them pretty cheap. While I didn’t find the Mars Attacks books I did find some cheap Farscape cards.
Farscape is one of my favorite shows, even though it has been off the air for 11 years. During the shows 4 seasons and follow up Peacekeeper Wars mini-series Rittenhouse released 6 different sets. One set for each season plus “Through The Wormhole” (a set covering all four seasons) and a lenticular set called Farscape In Motion. Throughout the 6 sets there were costume cards, autographs and sketch cards.
I picked up two costume cards, an autograph and a sketch card and in all I spent $16.95 (including tax). Normally costume cards and autographs run $8 and up with the main characters selling for a premium and sketch cards are usually well over $25, so I found an amazing deal.
My favorite Farscape character is Zotoh Zhaan a Delvian priestess or Pa’u, played by Virginia Hey. The Delvians are blue, peaceful plant creatures. They are very Buddhist-like so her character spoke to me. The two costume cards I picked up are C3, from Season One, and CC12, from Season Two.

The autograph card and sketch card are of Rygel, the deposed leader of the Hynerian Empire. Rygel’s character could best be described as a child. Everything he saw was his, everything you saw was his and everything he hasn’t seen is his. He was just an egotistical little guy who moved around on a floating sled and was voiced by Jonathan Hardy.

I picked up a couple of other Farscape cards recently, more about them later, and I am still looking to add a couple more relic and autograph cards. I am focusing mainly on Chiana and Scorpious, my second favorite character and one of the main bad guys, respectively, plus any sketch cards I can find for a reasonable price.

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  1. I never got fully into the show, though I never got to give it a full chance. But Virginia Hey attended some conventions in Georgia around the time Farscape was freshly canceled and I got to just hang out and talk with her for a bit. She's a great lady. And I met a couple other cast members including Chiana and got their autographs too.

    I'm a non-sport collector and I know I have all those Farscape sets somewhere - just the base cards; I don't think I have any autographs or costume cards.