Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rollin With Kid 'N Play

In 1988 the world was introduced to Kid ‘n Play when their 2 Hype album was released. This was time Rap was starting to hit mainstream and MTV actually played music. Groups like Kid ‘n Play were seen as producing fun and energetic music, even parents were getting down with the kick step (with horrible results). The next logical step was the ultimate of medium, the full-length movie. In March 1990 Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin showed up on the silver screen in House Party, a hilarious movie about some good kids trying to hold a party and having to deal with bullies, cops and their own parents. We met Robin Harris (who sadly died of a heart attack one week after the movie released at the age of 39), Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell and Full Force. The movie was rated highly and did very well eventually leading to 4 horrible sequels.
I was a Kid ‘n Play fan prior to the movie and when it came out I went the first day. One of my first dates with my now ex-wife was to the movie when we started dating. Between the initial release and Dollar Theaters I saw this movie 6-8 times before it finally came out on VHS. 
It seemed like a logical decision for me when Leaf released a Co-Stars dual autograph of Kid ‘n Play in this year’s Pop Century release. What is cool is that they actually signed “Kid” and “Play” but because they signed so large their signatures are off of the sticker (bummer). It seems to be a common problem with this version of the card so I ended up picking up the card for $9.56 shipped. After purchasing the Co-Stars autograph I looked to see if there are individual autograph cards and found a Christopher Reid autograph from the 2010 Razor Pop Century preview release. I like that he signed his name with “Kid” too. This card ran me $7.48 shipped. When you consider the dual signature normally runs well over $20 and the single signed card runs $12 or more I think I made out pretty well.

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