Wednesday, January 13, 2016

California Here Come The Rams

It is official, the NFL is back in Los Angeles after a 21 year absences. The Rams will be playing in LA in 2016, most likely in the LA Coliseum until their Inglewood stadium is completed around 2019.

There were originally two plans offered up to the NFL owners yesterday; one was a joint stadium for the Chargers and Raiders to be located in Carson or a stadium for the Rams in Inglewood. It appeared that the Chargers and the Raiders had the inside track in the decision all the way up to yesterday when the owners could not come to a complete agreement so they turned to an alternative plan suggested by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones where a joint stadium for the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood. Surprisingly this was the option that the owners agreed upon.

The Rams have decided to move immediately but the Chargers have one year to make their decision, if the Chargers decide not to move to LA in to the stadium with the Rams than the Raiders will have the option to move in with the Rams. Both the Chargers and the Raiders are being offered $100 million by the NFL in hopes of getting new stadiums built in their current locations.

The Rams have now moved 3 times, originally the Cleveland Rams moved to LA in 1945 and then to St Louis in 1994 and back to LA this year. Now that the Rams are back in California it makes more sense with them in the NFC West.

Having lived in Seattle when the Sonics were stolen I know the pain of losing a team but when you consider the way that the Rams left LA they basically were stolen when Georgia Frontiere moved them to St. Louis, this is them returning to LA. If the Sonics moved back to Seattle I would not feel bad for OKC fans.
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  1. The sneakiest move was around 1983 when the Baltimore Colts moved in the middle of the night to Indianapolis. The most devastating move in my opinion was when the Washington Senators moved to TX to be the Rangers and it took 33 years for baseball to return to DC in the form of the Expos turned Nationals. Now for 11 years Montreal has experienced what DC went through.

  2. Try seeing your team get stolen by Baltimore and then have everyone tell you that you must be happy when the Ravens win the Super Bowl because it is your old team. A bit more devastating to me.

    1. Very true, the Colts being stolen is easily the worst team relocation. Bad enough it was done but in the cover of darkness makes it the worst.