Thursday, January 14, 2016

R.I.P. Alan Rickman

In one week we have now lost 3 major personalities with today’s passing of actor Alan Rickman, who was battling cancer, at the age of 69 years old.

Rickman was the ultimate villain having played Hans Gruber in Die Hard, the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince of Thieves and Judge Turpin in Sweeny Todd but most people will probably recognize him as Professor Snape of the Harry Potter series.

Like David Bowie, Alan Rickman has been a part of my life growing up. I was 16 when I first saw Die Hard and when you consider how often he showed up in television and movies he just seemed to always be there. Playing fun parts like Metatron in Dogma, Dane in Galaxy Quest and lending his voice to some of my favorites like King of the Hill (King Phillip) and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (Marvin).

He truly was a versatile actor and he will be missed.

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  1. Yeah, you've been having to do too many of these lately.

    Of course, I can't see Rickman without adding "...and call off Christmas!"