Friday, January 1, 2016

The End Of A Year

Goodbye To 2015.. And Good Riddance

This year has been quite devastating to the Corky family and my life has changed greatly because of it.

The year began with my 16-year old cat having to be put down after fighting an aggressive cancer in January.

My aunt, who I was her caretaker since October 2014, lost her battle with lung cancer that metastasized in June.

My great aunt passed away due to complications from Alzheimers in October

In between all fi that I got divorced after 16 years of marriage.

This is a year where I have been picking up the pieces since January, had I tossed in a move or job change I think I would have hit all the major stressors in life. There have been a number of days I have had a hard time writing so on the good days I would write multiple posts so I had something I could post on days I had writer’s block.

Regarding my 2015 Blogger Goals

-Post 22 times a month
Half done, I posted 7 out of 12 months (58%)
-Continue VCoM and The Art Gallery series while adding a Pack War series and possibly other fun posts
Done, though I did not do much of additional series.

-Celebrate 6 years of blogging in June after missing last year
Missed, my aunt passed away on my 6 year blogiversary so I was in no condition to do anything special.

-Interact more with other collectors and increase the number of trades, I only had 5 trades this past year
Missed (sort of), I did interact with more bloggers but I only accomplished 3 trades.

-Reach 400 unique Griffey cards, I am currently at 291 cards (not counting duplicates)
Done with room to spare. I am currently at 552 unique Griffey cards.

-Work on building my other player collections; Steve Kerr, Steve Largent and Ryan Bader
Half done, I doubled the size of my Ryan Bader collection but only added a couple of cards to my Largent and Kerr collection.


  1. I hope 2016 is a much better year for you than 2015 was. I'm looking forward to reading about your progress over the next year!

  2. 2015 was terrible for you. Hope 2016 is MUCH better!

  3. Man. I'm definitely going to think twice before I start whining and complaining about my life. Here's to a much brighter 2016 for you and your sports card collections!

  4. Tough year for sure. Things can only improve in 2016.