Friday, January 29, 2016

Where The Cards Bleed Red

I always love picking up unique cards of the players that I collect, even better when it is a Ken Griffey Jr. card like this 1990 Fleer #513. These cards are usually called “Color Wash” when certain colors bleed over the card in excess but in a case like this when it is so extreme they are called “Color Bombed” for obvious reasons.

Both the front and back were oversaturated with Magenta leaving the card overly red. The front is not as noticeable but when you look closely you see that the blues appear purple and the seats in the stands are streaky with red. The back on the other hand is quite noticeable.

There are certain sets where this was quite common, namely the 1990 Pro Set Football release. Some were so bad in that release that a few of the cards were just a complete single color wash and the image was unrecognizable.

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