Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ending With A Fighting Chance

During COMC’s Black Friday promotion, which included free shipping and scratch cards, I picked up a nice collection of cards for my Ryan Bader collection. These are Grey Whales that I just never purchased but finally gave in and added them. This was my last "big" purchase of 2015 not counting a couple of individual cards I picked up in December

Currently I am at 37 individual Ryan Bader cards, not a super collector by any means but Beckett only lists 288 total cards for Bader, with many of them being parallels, so I am sitting at 12.8% and climbing.

Bader is scheduled to fight Anthony Johnson at UFC on Fox 18 at the end of this month.

This group includes cards from 2010 through 2014



  1. Good stuff! I've got several Bader cards. I'd be happy to see f you need any of them and send them your way if you'd like.

  2. I ordered a few UFC cards recently from COMC for my PCs, but it was after the Black Friday sale. I'm looking forward to watching the fight.