Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Welcome Trade Package

Trade packages are always fun. I just received a nice package of four cards from Jon of A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts and he picked out a wonderful collection of cards for me.

First card out of the gates is a 1938 Goudey Action Gum #26 Bombers In Formation. This set is a brightly illustrated release depicting war, little did the good folks at Goudey know is that they were actually creating scenes that sadly predicted actions that would take place over the next six years during World War II.

Next up is a pair of Griffey cards, which leads one to ask how amazing is the fourth card is if I am posting about Griffey cards first?

This 1994 Score Gold Rush #3 is straight off of my extremely long Want List, always nice to strike a card off of the nearly 1,500 card list.

Another card off of my Griffey Want List is this 2003 Upper Deck Game Face #30 Sample card and at around 150-pt thick it is a solid card with the portrait of Griffey in the center on leather. The base card version of this card, #159, uses a different picture. There is also a double card with Roy Oswalt as well as a relic version.

The final card is made up of two things I love, Star Wars and sketch cards. Not just a sketch card but my first booklet sketch card which shows Darth Vader and Luke by the talented artist Bruce Gerlach. The scene is from the first face to face meeting of the Skywalkers in Cloud City where young Luke, who apparently does not know Dutch, finds out that Vader is his father and then ends up getting his hand cut off.

I want to thank Jon for taking the time to send me a very appreciated package during a tough time for me.


  1. That Goudey bombers is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. With its condition and its color, it looks like there's no way it has been around since 1938.

  2. Love that Goudey especially. I've looked at picking up a few of these in the past but always have been sidetracked by other projects.

    1. The 1938 Philadelphia Horrors of War is another good set with beautiful, colorful illustrations but the set is based on what was happening and covers real horrors so they are graphic.

      Some of the cards cover the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the rise of Hitler. The Hitler Horrors of War cards are insanely expensive with rough copies in the hundreds and graded copies selling in to the thousands.

  3. All great cards, but that Game Face Sample Griffey is fantastic!

  4. Thanks for the nice write-up! I always liked the '94 Score image, especially since I don't recall too many cards showing Griffey laying down a bunt.