Monday, February 6, 2017

All That Is Left VII

The sports cards have predicted another correct outcome and have now won three straight Super Bowl predictions (5-2 overall). I didn't expect the final score to be 10-3 but the final outcome was the Patriots by a TD, so the cards were close.

Because I went with two blasters of 2016 Contenders I didn’t get any variety besides the hanger box of 2016 Optic Football that would have been used as a tie breaker. There was not a whole lot worth posting about but here we go with All That Is Left VII.

From 2016 Optic Football I pulled a Carson Wentz Rated Rookie, boy these Optic cards do not scan well. There were also two Prizm refractors and four Purple Bordered Prizm cards but nobody special.

From the 2016 Contenders blasters I pulled a pair of Seahawks
Each Contenders blaster box was to include a relic card, I pulled one relic card and one “Panini Points” card. I scanned in the points and took a look at Panini's Rewards page, there isn't a whole lot to chose from in the 150 range so I guess I will just pick up some more points eventually and get something average. Though I will admit ( I am joking) that the Aaron Curry 2009 Absolute Memorabilia patch card is making it hard for me to bypass.
The relic card is Alex Collins from the Seahawks so I am very happy with this pull. It has been awhile since I pulled a hit of a player or team that I collect. Collins is a rookie and backs up Thomas Rawls, he had 31 rushes this past season for 125 yards.

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  1. I guess you could say that a Patriots win was... wait for it... in the cards!