Monday, March 20, 2017

A Sports Card Outing That Ended Without Sports Cards

Last week my son was on Spring Break and it has been warming up so the local flea market opened for the first time this past Friday so my son and I went to look around. After seeing some of the nice finds by other bloggers I had some hope to find anything reasonable.

We started at the open-air flea market but because it was the first time opening this year there were only a handful of vendors and none were selling cards. What added to the miserable offerings was that it was windy and the market has dirt roads so the dust was everywhere and we felt gritty afterwards. After that we hit a thrift store, nothing card-wise, and then an indoor flea market, a couple of way over priced “vintage” cards.

There is only one sports card shop listed in town so we hit that next, I had some hope that I would finally have an LCS. We got there and calling it a card shop was being overly ambitious. It was an antique store with a corner allocated to cards. There was a 4-ft glass cabinet with some older cards, a couple of shelves with junk wax era boxes and a couple of recent flagship Topps factory sets and finish with some team themed boxes behind the counter. A huge disappointment.

I will probably go to the flea market from time to time because you never know what you will find but there are no other options in town besides Walmart and Target and I don’t feel like wasting money on blasters.

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