Monday, March 27, 2017

Browncoats Unite!

I received a care package from JediJeff of 2x3 Heroes, a package made up of 2015 Upper Deck Firefly The Verse cards which is greatly appreciated.

Joss Whedon’s Firefly was cancelled after just one season but like Judd Apatow’s Freaks & Geeks one season is plenty to make the show a cult classic. To put it in perspective, Firefly ended in 2003 but there was enough interest for Whedon to release the movie Serenity, which closes out the Firefly series, in 2005. To add to it, there is still enough interest in the show that Upper Deck released this set 12 years after the show left television and even now the show is still one of Netflix’s most streamed television shows.

When the set was released I had major interest but I wasn’t in a position to buy boxes so I focused on the autographs and sketch cards but even those were outside of my spending budget so I put the idea of building a set on the back burner but now with JediJeff’s package I am more than halfway to completing the set so I have a renewed interest and have created a want list of the cards I need to finish it.

The set is 171 base cards plus autographs, manufactured patches and sketch cards. A pretty standard non-sport set, so excluding the parallels the base set will be pretty easy to put together and eventually I would like to add some sketch cards. The one autograph that I really want is the Jewel Staite, she is such a cutie, but her official autographs can come close to $100, some actually top $200, so that will be a No for now.

The first 126 cards are broken down in to 9-card episode subsets with each subset designed by a different artist. The first 9 cards are based on the episode Serenity and the artwork is by Matthew Clark. Cards #10-18 are based on the episode The Train Job and the artwork is by Spencer Brinkerhoff III and so on. It is a very cool idea because you get such diversity on the styles so each 9 card subset doesn’t look like the other 9 card subsets.

The next group of cards is characters, ships, magazine covers, Tales of Serenity and then more ships. It truly is a wonderful set for any Firefly fan. If you are interested in the show and haven’t seen it the show is still available on Netflix but only until April 1st so time is short. Each episode is about 43 minutes long with the Serenity movie (presented as a two-part episode) is 86 minutes long so the entire show can be finished within a week but don’t wait.
Again, thank you Jeff, I appreciate you taking the time to share the set with a fellow fan.

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