Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Art Gallery: 2015 ACEO Daredevil And Batman

This month’s Art Gallery displays comes from William Kunkle a freelance illustrator who has sketch cards in sets from 5Finity and Island Dreams. I picked up two art sketch cards from him for $2 shipped. He really is a talented artist too; he has a great career ahead. These cards would be considered ACEO cards because they are not tied to an official release.

I picked up two cards with the first being Daredevil from Netflix’s exclusive show Daredevil. I will admit that I have not watched the show yet but it is on my list, I am just trying to catch up on some other shows and so Daredevil is on hold for now but I just love this card so I just had to get it. I wrote this post in 2015 after I bought the cards and I still have not got to watching Daredevil, I don't watch a lot of television.

The second card is Batman and no matter what Batman is always bad ass. This was the first card that got me interested in Kunkle’s work which brought me to the Daredevil card.

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  1. Both of these are sweet! And Daredevil is a pretty awesome show.