Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Do Or Do Not, There Is Not Try, Babe Ruth Immortals?

This month Leaf will be releasing 2017 Leaf Babe Ruth Immortal Collection set but unlike last year’s Leaf Babe Ruth Collection this set is a high-end product that will include 6 cards per box; 2 Babe Ruth bat relics (one NY and one Boston), 2 Yankee Stadium Seat relics and 2 base cards. Additionally, there is a chance of pulling a bat barrel, bat knob or cut signature card too. There are only 175 cases released (10 boxes per case) and the boxes will run $160 each and are due out the end of this month. 

I, well my wife (now ex), pulled a Babe Ruth bat card out of 2001 SP Legendary Cuts so even if I had the $160 to spend I don't think I would buy a box since I already have a Ruth bat card. Sadly I think this is just going to flood the Ruth bat relic market and cards from this set will be significantly cheaper than Ruth bats from other sets.

On the BO Forum people have been going back and forth about the product with it being pretty much 50-50 with people supporting the product versus people against the product. The biggest argument being that those who are against the release of the product don’t like the idea of Babe Ruth bats being cut up.

Where do you stand?


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  2. This will definitely be a product that creates a secondary buyers market. I imagine a lot of it will sit unbought. Great product for someone who just wants to add a Ruth relic to their collection. Horrible product for resellers. Three boxes out of 1,750 will provide a card that would allow a reseller to make a profit. Those are almost certainly the worst odds of making a profit of any set ever released, save for something like Panini Triple Play.