Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wallet Card #2

Kind of an odd Wallet Card but it comes with a story. This morning the alarm on my truck went off so my son came in to my room and grabbed my keys to go turn it off. When he got outside there was dove sitting on the ground stunned. The neighbor across the street was out in his front yard and when he saw my son he came over to tell him what he witnessed.

A hawk was hunting the dove and chased it right in to the side of my door. When the alarm went off the hawk flew away. The dove did eventually settle down and took off so it appeared that it was not hurt.

Griffey was interested in the impression that the dove left on the door. There were actually feathers stuck to the door that I removed right before I took the picture.


  1. The main part of the impression looks like a mini one of those "were #1" foam fingers. And I'm glad this story had a happy ending!

  2. That's freaky cool! Glad the dove was alright. Guess we should feel sorry for the hawk though. He's got to make a living as well.