Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fire McAdoo, Fire McAdoo And Fire McAdoo!

 I am not a New York Giants fan, I have nothing against the team though, but I whole heartedly believe that Ben McAdoo needs to be fired today, not at the end of the season…today! His treatment of Eli Manning all season has showed he has little respect for the 2-time Super Bowl Champion QB and his unceremoniously benching of Manning is just the final straw. Forget Manning’s streak, this has nothing to do with how I feel about McAdoo, this is all about McAdoo’s ego and blaming others for his shortcomings.

McAdoo has never been a head coach prior to the Giants giving him the opportunity last year after the team ran prior, and successful, coach Tom Coughlin out of town. A move that has turned out to be a huge bite in the ass for owner John Mara. Sure, the team went 11-5 last year and made it to the playoffs but there is no question that was Coughlin’s team, not McAdoo’s. This year is McAdoo’s team, the 2-9 team (yes, I know there have been injuries) that is as dysfunctional as that one drunk uncle you see every Thanksgiving that the whole family avoids.

Eli Manning is 36 years old and has had a very tough season, the O-Line hasn’t been stable and injuries to key receivers has added to it, but to bench Manning with the claim of “Wanting to evaluate backup QB Geno Smith” is full of shit. This is the act of a desperate man trying to keep his job. Smith has been in the league since 2013 and has played 33 games prior to signing with the Giants. There have been plenty of opportunities of evaluating him from prior seasons plus there is off season training camps and the preseason.

Straight up and down, McAdoo is throwing Eli Manning under the bus, blaming him for the failure of the season and using the claim of “I had to use a backup QB” as his reason for tanking in hopes that the front office will give him one more season with a high draft pick.

The team should have finished the season with Eli where he belongs, under center, and then look at the opportunities. You don’t bail on the face of the franchise, this is what happened to Peyton with the Colts.

Mara should also consider letting go GM Jerry Reese too, the man's entire career is based on Eli's success and if Eli is being blamed for the season and being benched then McAdoo and Reese also need to be part of that blame and be shown the door. 



  1. Well said. You already knew I am in total agreement. Ben has to go. I expect a 2-14 year which should land them top 3 if not 2 pick.

    Eli should start next year as well if he is still here. He has a lot left in his tank.

    If this franchise doesn't fire Mcadoo there is some serious concerns with the owners then

  2. As a Giants fan I am disgusted by this too. I feel like I will be rooting for whatever team Eli joins almost as much as the Giants next year.