Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why Man, Just Why?

Bret Boone just lost my complete respect. Yesterday morning he sent multiple Twitter DMs to a Seattle newspaper reporter, completely unsolicited, on his feelings about the numerous sexual harassment/assault claims that have been made recently.

Here is my attempt at a transcript of the messages. I will include a screen shot of the actual conversation below.

Boone message to Seattle PI reporter Stephan Cohen
10:22 am (11/29):
I got sexually harassed twice today. The Starbucks girl smiled at me and the woman at Rite Aid flirted with me. I’m getting a lawyer, unacceptable. Lol.”

Stephan Cohen response to Boone
10:39 am (11/29)
I’m wondering why you felt like it was a good idea to make light of sexual harassment in an unsolicited message to a reporter.”

Boone to Cohen
10:50 am (11/29)
Because it’s a joke and I have no clue who you are, nor do I care. Just sick of all the liberal BS and everyone all the sudden is offended. Sorry that bothered you. Go back to whatever you do in your PC world, and once again, I apologize if you were offended… You definitely would not be allowed to play golf in my foursome.”

Boone to Cohen
10:54 am (11/29)
Oops, just happened again, the girl at Vons told me to have a good day…LOL…are you serious guy?”
Last night at 4:01 pm (11/29) Boone tweeted an apology on his Twitter feed, which Cohen acknowledged and retweeted.
All, there are zero excuses for what I said earlier. None. It was 100% wrong. It was offensive. It was inappropriate. It was not remotely productive to any conversation regarding harassment. I apologize, and it will never happen again.”
This wasn’t a whoops heat of the moment type thing, he contacted a reporter who had no idea why he was being contacted and just went at sexual harassment and made a joke of it over a 32-minute period and didn’t apologize until 6 hours later. I am going to guess that someone from the PR department at the MLB or the Mariners contacted Boone and said he just seriously fucked up. 

I am done with Boone cards in my collection.

Please know that I am not making any claims of support/oppose any of the sexual harassment allegations that have been made in all sectors of our society recently and do not wish to discuss these allegations in any depth. This one, along with politics and religion, is a huge NO-GO topic for me.


  1. This was extremely strange and completely unnecessary - what an ass!

  2. I hadn't heard about this until reading it here..sickened but not surprised. Can't blame you one bit for losing all respect for the guy. I wont actively collect Curt Schilling cards anymore - though I do accept them in trades.

    These guys really need to think before they Tweet.

  3. Yeah, I liked Bret from his time on the Padres, plus he was born in my neck of the woods, but that was just completely stupid of him.

  4. That's pretty inexcusable. But maybe he's just angsty that his little brother got the Yankees job.