Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Monday Question Day- How Did You Do On Deals?

 Today is question day, a two-parter;

Did you take part in any of the deals?


Did you stay within your budget?

I did my purchasing on COMC and ended up picking up 24 cards and did very well, staying within my budget. I have 60 cards in my selling inventory and with COMC offering promotions all weekend I was able to sell 12 cards, I took that money and splurged on a card that has been on my wants list for way too long.

I had planned on posting this yesterday but when I finished I hit save instead of publish, so here is yesterday's post today.


  1. I got five dollars off of a hobby box of 2017-18 Upper Deck Hockey. Does that count? lol.

  2. $12 100 ct boxes of ultra pro 9 pocket pages on amazon. I scored, all right!

  3. I went $40 over budget on COMC, mostly because Thanksgiving was rough and I had to treat myself. Got a lot of set fillers and some decent deals, but nothing too crazy. I dont think I spent more than $17 on a single card.

    Blowout Cards had some good deals. I went a little overboard there, about $135 including shipping.

    Will you write a post about the card you splurged on? I'm curious to know what it is and how long it was on your want list.

    1. Nothing wrong with treating yourself, I know the feeling of enthusiasm I get waiting for a shipment. COMC's cards won't ship for at least 2 weeks and I am already impatient lol.
      The one card I splurged on will receice it's own post. It was actually a card I have wanted since the late 90s, pre-dating any physical (or in my case a Word doc) want list.

  4. I did well. Two boxes from Dave & Adam's and I shipped a long in progress order from COMC that contained over 200 cards. I think I didn't cross the $5 threshold on a single card, other than one I got with the $10 I received for the last time I shipped 200 cards.

  5. As for budget, I mostly stayed within it. My mom gifted me $20 for spending on COMC, which allowed me to get a bunch more cards.

  6. I spent about $20 on COMC to get enough cards to push me over the 20-card free-shipping threshold. I got 9 cards for my $20, and that pushed my total number shipped to 26.

    I commissioned a couple pieces of comic book art from some artists.

    I may still buy a couple boxes of cards from somewhere, but technically that won't be Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping. That will just be shopping.

    I bought some LEGO sets for me and my kids for Christmas. Some of them were discounted, which can be rare for LEGOs.

    My big purchase was a gift certificate for 4 hours of tattoooing at 1/2 price for a local artist. I've been thinking about this tattoo for over a decade now, and I'm finally ready to do it.