Thursday, May 24, 2018

It Will Get There On Time, It Will Get There Safe But It Will Smell Like Soap

I have had mail days where the packages came boxed up like Fort Knox and not long ago I saw someone post about getting a mail day where it was a card wrapped in the order printout from eBay and that was it, probably one of the worst shipping ideas I have ever heard of before.

Today was a mail day where I am pretty sure the sender walked through their kitchen for packaging material ideas. A brown paper bag, a box from a bar of soap, a bit of bubble wrap and a Ziploc bag plus a copious amount of eBay box tape. I can’t complain, outside of the soap smell, because the cards were safely secured, just some unique options.  


  1. that's different. I've rec'd cards in ziplocs, wrapped in paper towels - and even toilet paper. I would take soapy smelling cards over those baked in nicotine.

    1. Amen. They're cards not hams. No Smoking!