Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Some Unique AI Pickups

A couple of unusual additions to my Allen Iverson collection. A 2000 Stadion Cards from the Czech Republic and a pair of 2003 Upper Deck Lego cards. 

The Stadion cards were part of a multi-national/multi-sport set out of the Czech Republic and was made up mostly of soccer (football) and hockey stars but they got in a couple of NBA players like Shaq, Kobe and Iverson. There are also cards from tennis, racing and cycling, an interesting idea for a set.

The Lego cards came from Upper Deck and I do not know exactly how they were distributed, I would expect as part of a promotion with Lego. The set is made up of 24 base cards as well as a 24 card Gold parallel, which have different images than the base set. 



  1. Cool cards. I wonder if the Czech Republic cards were officially licensed?

    1. All of the Stadion cards that I have seen do have the player and team names, but as far as being licensed that is a good question. I don’t see any copyright or licensing info on the card besides the photo info so I would guess they don’t have the licenses.

  2. The Lego cards came with a mini-figure. I think I have posted the ad for them to the Trading Card Database. I never saw them when they were new but I picked up a couple when I found them as singles at a local dealer. The Stadion set is one I've heard of but have never seen in person.

  3. I posted the lego cards with figure once on my blog

  4. My friend gave me a Lego set years ago... that included a hoop, a few balls, and a minifigure of Kobe (maybe two others). Pretty sure the set also included a card. Gonna need to dig them up and see if I still have them.