Friday, May 4, 2018

May The Fo(rce)urth Be With You VIII

It is Star Wars Day and I am going with a neat piece I received as a throw in from the seller, who also happen to be the artist who did the art work for this Faerie Metal San Diego Comic Con give away.

The artist is Chris Thorne, who has done sketch cards for Breygent, Cryptozoic, Cult Stuff, Upper Deck and Topps, and he was selling some of his SDCC metal cards. I ended up on his eBay store looking for a metal Captain Spaulding (Devil’s Rejects) card that he had up for auction and saw this Darth Maul metal card too, but I decided to stick to my budget and only bid on one card and I chose the Captain Spaulding card. When I received the package, Thorne had included the Darth Maul card too.. 

I wouldn't say everything is coming up Millhouse but this was really cool of him to include both cards.


  1. That is pretty neat. Full metal?

  2. Damn... that's a pretty sweet "throw in". Maul is one of the coolest looking SW characters around.