Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday Question Day- Are We Missing Out?

Do you feel like you are missing out on collecting if you are a fan of a newer team?

In my lifetime expansion in sports has been a regular occurrence and with expansion comes a whole new group of fans. These are fans that get to be there from the start, but vintage collecting is out the window. There are baseball teams over a century old, hockey teams too, football has teams going back to the 20s and basketball from the 1950s but the teams I collect are newer in comparison.

I think I have compensated by picking up vintage cards of players I like but I still feel like I am limited.


  1. It's definitely lacking something. But on the other hand, you can generally keep up and not have any old stoppers like you do in the older teams. Even with my heavy NBA collecting, the teams that entered the league in 1995-96 are still significantly lower in card totals than the teams that were around before them.

  2. As a long-time collector of a long-established team, I think about this a lot. How could I be a Diamondbacks collector (well, for other than the obvious reason)? I guess card companies these days make up for it by issuing a billion versions of each player, but it does seem somewhat restricted.

  3. Good point, but it might not be so overwhelming at the beginning. Would be kind of refreshing not to feel like there is so much out there and not enough time and money. I definitely am jealous of the Golden Knight fans for sure. Must be exciting to start off so solid....setting the bar high for sure.