Friday, October 5, 2018

The Art Gallery- 2013 Cryptozoic Archer Seasons 1-4 Sterling Belcher

This month’s Art Gallery Display comes from the artist Jason Durden, thank you for the correction Greg. 

The card is from the 2013 Cryptozoic Archer Seasons 1-4 release and depicts Sterling Archer with a twist. In season 4 of Archer, Sterling has amnesia and ends up working in Bob’s Burgers restaurant with the joke being that both Archer and Bob are voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. This card shows Archer with his mustache appearing like Bob Belcher. If you haven’t seen Archer or Bob’s Burgers, you are missing two great shows.

I was able to pick up this beauty not long ago to add to the collection. The man himself, H. Jon Benjamin. The autograph is from this year's Allen & Ginter release.


  1. Cool sketch card. Love Bob's Burgers. Haven't been able to get into Archer, but I'll try to give it one more shot with this crossover episode.

  2. Wonderful pickup. Just got into Bob's Burgers recently. Huge Archer fan and I've been putting together the sketch set for years.

    By the by, the artist is Jason Durden.

  3. Thank you for the correction, I will fix it tomorrow.