Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday Question Day- Sports Movies On Cards?

What sports movie would you like to see a trading company highlight in a set? 

We have seen Bull Durham done by STAR, Bad News Bears by Panini, Space Jam by Upper Deck and both Major League and The Sandlot by Topps over the years among others but what movie really deserves the cardboard treatment?

There are so many options and there are plenty that can carry an insert set but to keep my list limited I am going with The Longest Yard (1974), Caddyshack, Talladega Nights and Whip It!


  1. Field of Dreams would seem like an obvious choice, but I'm also going to suggest the underrated classic "The Benchwarmers"

  2. Rudy. I show it to my students every year. I'm sure I'd have a few students who'd enjoy owning one of his trading cards.

  3. Although not a sports movie, The Naked Gun is full of possibilities. Hey, MLB Network shows it in the offseason!