Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Countdown 'til Christmas The Art Gallery- 2014 Breygent Kringle Kards

I worked as a retail manger for over a decade, mostly for Toys R Us, and I worked up to 90 hours a week between October and February, so I was not big on the holidays. From 1993 through 2002 I never had a regular Thanksgiving dinner; every Christmas Eve was a 5 am to 7 pm shift and the day after Christmas I was back at work at 5 am getting ready for returns. Then January and February were inventory time. It is fair to say, I actually disliked Christmas and it took a couple of years after I left retail and two children being born for me to begin to enjoy the winter holidays.

Now I love this time of year. Christmas carols, twinkling lights, cold nights, Rankin/Bass Claymation and Santa cards. 

This month’s Art Gallery display comes from the 2014 Breygent Kringle Kards release. The artist is Anne Cain, who is more a digital artist but did a wonderful rendition of the traditional Santa Claus. When I saw this card I was hooked, I have been watching it for awhile and when the seller lowered the price, I finally decided to add it too my collection. The seller initially sent the wrong card, a similar card by Anne Cain but not the one I wanted. I have purchased from the seller before and we worked out a resolution that worked for both of us.

The Kringle Kards set was mainly a sketch card set, with each artist giving their own artistic interpretation of good old Saint Nick. There are some amazing styles out there, it is wonderful seeing the different looks Santa has.


  1. Working those kind of hours is not hard to imagine why someone might start hating Christmas, I'm glad to hear that it didn't last though :)

  2. 90 hours a week? Damn. I thought I had it rough my first few years of teaching when I'd put in 60 hour work weeks.