Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arena Football Folding

In disappointing news today, multiple media sources have stated that the Arena Football League will be folding and declaring bankruptcy. There should be an official announcement coming soon.

The league, which was formed in 1987, halted operations in 2008 due to the recession but in April 2009 the league announced that they had begun preparation to resume playing in 2010. Since operations were halted in 2008 two teams have folded and you could figure it would be a matter of time before the other 15 teams would start feeling the burden of no income.

Since the first season in 1987 I have been a fan, I love football and having a game played in a small arena meant more scoring and more impact hits, which made the games more exciting. I have always had a connection to the Arizona Rattlers too. Being that the team was a new franchise they held open tryouts for new players, in the end many of the players on that first Rattlers team were players I knew or played against in high school. Additionally the second coach of the Arizona Rattlers, Todd Shell, graduated from my high school (10 years before me) and was an Assistant Coach for my high school team during Spring and Summer training in 1989, giving me the chance to meet and learn from him.

I will sorely miss the Arena Football League.

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