Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fond Memories

My son grabbed a couple of packs of WWE Wrestling cards today while we were out and he busted them on the way home. It is fun to watch kids rip packs because they are so excited about each and every card, it is not all about hits and how much they can make on each card, it is collecting at its most purist point.

When we got home he wanted to show me what he got. The first card he pulled out to show me was a Rey Mysterio Allen & Ginters mini. This card took me back to a younger day for me, late 1998 to be exact... well … as exact as I can remember. This was back in the day, single and with disposable income, I took off with some friends to Las Vegas to catch a Monday Night Nitro at the MGM Grand.

After an entertaining evening we left the arena and found ourselves walking side by side with none other then the man himself. He was unmasked, this was at a time when he was never seen without his mask, but the Sun tattoo on his right shoulder and limping on a knee that he injured that night we knew who he was. Rey Mysterio was a nice guy, not what you would expect from a “star” really. He was polite and willing to talk and while I hoped to get an autograph I felt it was an imposition since he was injured and probably wanted to just get back to his room. Really an overall nice guy.

It is funny how a single piece of cardboard can bring back such vivid memories.

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