Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Patch Works

Player: Mike Dunham
Team: Nashville Predators
Set: 2001 Pacific Titanium - Draft Day
Card #: 52
Serial #: 028/113
Description: Pacific actually states that this patch was cut from the sweater worn by Dunham on the opening game of the 2000-01 season. A game held in Japan between the Predators and Penguins.

This was the first patch I ever pulled. At a time when Pacific was putting jersey relics in every pack this was actually the only patch that I pulled from the box. The patch itself is made up of three different levels from the sweater, the jersey, the piping and then some felt like fabric. I like that Pacific can actually list the specific game that the jersey was worn unlike some other manufacturers that state things like "Worn by the player".

As for the player I guess you can say "average" at best. Mike Dunham played for 5 different teams over a 14 year career. He went 141-178-39-5 with a 2.74 GAA. Not the best but clearly not the worst goalie either.

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