Friday, August 14, 2009

It Is Offical, Vick Is Back

The rumors can be put to rest; Michael Vick is now an Eagle. The Philadelphia Eagles will be holding a news conference on Friday morning to announce the signing which is believed to be roughly $8 million over 2 years with an additional $3 million in incentives.

With 4 QBs on the depth chart you have to wonder how will time be split among them? Obviously McNabb is the man, even though he is entering his 11th season he has showed little signs of aging and in fact last year had his best season since 2004. Kevin Kolb, who is pegged to be the Eagles QB of the future, recently injured his knee but is expected to make a full recovery within in a week or two so the question becomes “Who runs the Second team?”

I know that having 4 QBs makes it difficult to share the time so Feeley may want to grab a clipboard and headset since he will be the odd man out. Vick is expected to take on a position as the Wildcat QB for the Eagles; almost a hybrid QB-RB that can run the offense and cause defenses headaches.

I am not an Eagles fan (or Vick fan) and I do not agree with Vick being allowed to return to play professional football but it will be interesting to see how he acclimates back in to the NFL after missing the past two years. This time will also show if he truly has changed or if this "good-guy" image is fluff being blown just to get him back in the league.

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