Wednesday, August 5, 2009

File Under WTF?

In the news today I came across a story about Maurice Clarett withdrawing his request for early release from prison. I had to go back and do some investigating to find out why he had requested his early release from prison. Turns out that he asked to be released this past April to join the Canadian Football League. Additionally his agent has claimed that NFL teams have been contacting Clarett in prison but will not name which teams. That seems odd that he supposedly has been contacted by interested NFL teams yet wants to be released to play in Canada.

This guy has not touched a football since the Denver Broncos cut him in August 2005, does anyone honestly believe that Clarett will actually ever return to the NFL? Hell, I don’t think we can even call it a return considering he never played a down of professional football.

So why am I bringing up Clarett? Because it appears that there are collectors as delusional as Clarett and his agent. Why in the world would anyone pay $1000 for an autographed logo patch card of a head-case who is in prison and has never played in the NFL and probably never will?

Apparently redhotcards thinks so:
2005 SPX and 2005 SP Authentic

If you seriously need to have an NFL shield logo patch card you can pick up a Favre/P Manning duo logo patch for $900, a Brady/McNair duo logo patch for $800 or a cool Bulger/ Lewis/ Leftwich/ Klopfenstein quad auto logo patch card currently at $92 with 8 days left, why would anyone blow cash on a has been/never will be?

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