Thursday, August 6, 2009

Under The Radar

One of the coolest recent releases that comes in under the radar is Just Minors farewell release Just Minors Mystery Jersey 2009. Just Minors is leaving the baseball card and memorabilia market but they are leaving with style with this release.

A Mystery Jersey 2009 box, which sells for $120 at Just Minors website or around $100 on eBay, contains 1 random autographed jersey(actual full-size jersey) and 2 autograph cards. There are even game-used jerseys on average of 1 in 60 boxes. The checklist, while short (only 38 players), is pretty varied and includes both Minor Leaguers and Major Leaguers.

The Autographed checklist includes Alex Gordon, David Price and Josh Hamilton. The Game Used checklist includes mostly Atlanta Braves and USA Baseball jerseys like John Smoltz and Chipper Jones. Probably the best of all is that there is an autographed Mickey Mantle jersey inserted randomly, now that would be an ultimate pull.

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