Monday, July 30, 2012

Early Preview: 2012 Cryptozoic DC Comics The New 52

The last couple of years Marvel related cards have been making a regular appearance in the collecting world while DC has had a limited release. Not counting movie related cards the number of DC sets in the last decade can be counted on one hand.

With the DC Universe getting a reboot of sorts with the launch of the New 52 last September Cryptozoic Entertainment connected with DC to create a set that goes with the re-launch. Late next month, August 29th, the 2012 Cryptozoic DC Comics The New 52 will hit shelves.

The term “New 52” is in reference of DC’s decision to end all ongoing monthly graphic novels as of August 31, 2011 and revamp and re-release 52 new series with the first graphic novels starting September 2011 and running with new launches through 2013. Every line is being addressed, some titles are being rewound to a specific event, some are being rebooted and some are even being cancelled. This includes changes to all the biggies too; Batman, Superman, JLA and Green Lantern (my personal favorite).

The 2012 Cryptozoic DC Comics The New 52 set has not been fully previewed, Cryptozoic has decided to post up previews of some of the sketch cards, over-sized sketch cards and original art pages with more details of the base set to come over the next month.

Release Information:
Release date: 8/29/12
Box SRP: @ $65-75/box
Pack Out: 24 packs/box, 5 cards/pack

Box Break:
115 Base cards
4 Inserts
1 Sketch card

Set Info:
71 card checklist (69 base cards, 1 checklist & 1 cover card)
There are foil parallel versions of each base card

Lanterns- Die-cut foil cards centering on Green Lantern & the Green Lantern Corps

Work In Progress- Lenticular cards that show the art of the re-vamped characters from pencil sketches to full-color image, there are 9 cards in the chase set.

Sketch: 7,000+ from over 150 artists

Redemption- There are 2 different redemptions for items too large to fit in the pack out. The first is a redemption for one of 50 over-sized sketch cards; the second redemption is for one of 6 original art pages.

Lord Mesa Puzzle Sketch card

Lynne Anderson Puzzle Sketch card

Andy Price Oversized Sketch card

Andy price Oversized Sketch card

Meghan Hetrick Murante Oversized Sketch card 

Meghan Hetrick Murante Oversized Sketch card

Benjamin Glendenning Oversized Sketch card

Super Girl Original Art Redemption

Red Lantern Original Art Redemption

Red Lantern Original Art Redemption

Justice League Original Art Redemption

Justice League International Original Art Redemption

Detective Comics Original Art Redemption

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