Sunday, July 22, 2012

The UFC Finest Grill Gear Relics Begin To Appear

2012 Topps UFC Finest went live at midnight on July 18th and within minutes individual cards were showing up for auction. Possibly the most significant and anticipated card from the entire set showed up for auction within 12 hours of the product being released, the first Grill Gear relic card had at last seen daylight. The Grill Gear relics are a 15-card checklist where every card is #1/1 and contains an entire fight-used mouth-guard enclosed in a Lucite holder.

Not only was it the first Grill Gear relic, but the best of the Grill Gear relics, someone had pulled the Chael Sonnen Grill Gear relic card. The redemption card was set for auction and ended 24 hours later when it sold for $1,750. I am a bit surprised, I was actually expecting the price to be closer to $2,500 but I wonder if the short time frame was a detriment to the final sales price. You have to consider if a longer auction would have rewarded the seller; it is possible that some potential buyers may not have had the opportunity to even see the auction. I guess we will get a better idea when we start to see the other 14 cards come up for sale or if this one gets posted again by the new owner.

To add to the excitement, the first VIP Pass showed up for sale last Thursday and the auction runs through the 26th, there is a set $2,399.99 BIN. The VIP Pass cards are redemption of sorts, the card contains a code which is good for entry in to the VIP UFC exclusive sweepstakes. There are only 50 VIP Pass cards total and one winner will be selected and will win an all-inclusive trip to a UFC event, 2 tickets to the fight and access to a fight meet-and-greet before the event. Each VIP Pass is also signed by Dana White.

EDIT 7/24: Three more VIP Pass cards have shown up in the last 24 hours and range from $599.99 opening bid ($899.99 BIN) through $1199.99 BIN in addition to the first VIP Pass that showed up last week there are now 4 total VIP Pass cards up for auction.

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