Friday, July 6, 2012

Topps Offers Up A Special Set For UFC Expo

This weekend the 2012 UFC Expo is in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Casino and culminating with UFC 148 at the MGM Grand. The Expo offers MMA fan the chance to interact with their favorite fighters through Q&A sessions, meet & greets plus training, seminars and a number of autograph sessions, both UFC sponsored and exhibitor sponsored.

Topps has decided to add something special for UFC collectors when they announced that they will be offering a special UFC card release available at the UFC Expo this weekend and Topps said they will also sell a limited amount on their website but only on Saturday.

The set is based on the 2011 UFC Moment of Truth release and is listed as 2012 UFC Moment of Truth- Independence Edition. Each mini-box will contain 14 base cards plus 1 autograph for $20. The base cards are the same as the MOT base cards but contain an “Independence Edition” foil stamp. The base autographs look a bit like a horizontal version of the base MOT autographs with the “Independence Edition” foil stamp but the big hits are the special red, white and blue autograph parallels. These autograph parallels are so awesome, only an on-card auto would have made this better.

There are currently 3 Independence Edition items up for auction, a sealed box sitting at $14.50 with 3 bids, a Vladimir Matyushenko base auto with a $15 BIN price and a Jon Jones red/white/blue autograph parallel #/8, which has a $150 opening price and no bids.  So far I know the autograph checklist will include Jon Jones, Frankie Edgar, Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, Dominick Cruz, Urijah Faber and Carlos Condit.

UFC 148 is going to be insane, the Silva vs. Sonnen fight alone is probably worth the pay-per-view price for some fans and is going to end up in blood (if you have a chance, look up what Sonnen recently said that he planned to do with Silva’s wife after he wins the fight). Additionally Tito Ortiz will be retiring following his fight with Forrest Griffin and Cung Lee will be taking on Patrick Cote. Prior to the Prelims Ortiz is being inducted in to the UFC Hall of Fame.

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