Thursday, July 26, 2012

Panini Comes Up Strong With A National Wrapper Redemption

With a week left before the National Convention opens its doors Panini has been busy posting up images of the final two cards from their National VIP set, something they originally intended to show at the National, along with their special wrapper redemption set that collectors can pick up by busting specific boxes of product. They laid it down, a wrapper redemption that will really reward collectors with some nice cards. I like the idea of a complete set, it really reaches out to all type pof collectors like set builder and player collectors.

Starting with the final two “Mystery” VIP cards, Diamond King Darvish and Harper cards.

On to the wrapper redemption program:
When collectors purchase and open a box of one of the 14 included products they will receive wrapper redemption packs. Depending which box you open will determine how many packs you will receive:

Panini Wrapper Redemption Program pdf file

What is interesting is that this program is actually a complete set, including parallels, inserts, relics and autograph cards plus instant-win cards for printing plates. The printing plates are actually packaging printing plates that were used in printing out the boxes.

The base set has a 40 card checklist made up of 14 active players, 5 legends and 19 rookies. Each rookie card is #/499. There are Cracked Ice Parallels (#/25 or less) and Autographed Cracked Ice Parallels (#/5 or less).

The Team Colors insert set is an 8 card set including players from Baltimore and Washington teams. Like the base set there are Cracked Ice and Autographed Cracked Ice parallels.

Memorabilia cards are made up from Tools of the Trade, NFL Draft Materials and Rookie of the Year Materials. The 12 card Draft Day Materials and 6 Tools of the Trade are NFL players and the 1 Rookie of the Year Materials is Gabriel Landeskog (NHL).

The other relic set is the 10 card Rookie Manufactured Auto set, a Manu-patch that is autographed by one of the NFL rookies, there are also Cracked Ice parallels #/30 or less.

The final set is the 3 card RG Collection

Instant win cards will reward collectors with package printing plates or on-site autographed memorabilia.

I think you will find that the set is a collaboration of various Panini designs, which is why I think that the set overall may go over well. The set seems like it will be readily available, considering that only the parallels are really limited, the base set and some of the inserts will probably show up for reasonable prices within minutes of the convention opening. I am wondering how the packaging printing plates are going to go because many collectors are torn over the card printing plates. Do people actually collect packaging material? Is it a large enough group that would justify creating these plates as instant-win rewards? What adds to question is the sheer size of the pacakging printing plates, these are not card sized, these are the size of the boxes so it will be very different to display and do people really want to display a box? I have various Griffey box tops from the 90s that I tore off of boxes but that was just the top flap, these are the entire box; top, sides and bottom.

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