Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneak Peek At Sportking's National VIP Cards

Sportkings has announced their National Convention VIP Cards. Sportkings has two offers, the first is the VIP Puzzle cards which will be included (redemption card) in the VIP bags and the second is a product redemption set.
In the VIP bags will be a Sportkings redemption card; you bring the redemption card to their booth and exchange the card for 9 puzzle pieces. There are 9 subjects in the puzzle checklist: David Robinson, Gordie Howe, Gale Sayers, Bjorn Borg, Ken Griffey Jr., Franco Harris, Annika Sorenstam, Tito Ortiz and Man O’War.

There is also a separate redemption program too; purchase a box of Sportkings Series E (Currently $90-100 each) from their booth and you can exchange the box top for one game-used Sportkings memorabilia card. There are 20 subjects with 19 being Silver Subjects and 1 Gold Subject. Memorabilia cards can have between one and three memorabilia relics inserted in the card. All of the redemption relic cards have a “33rd National” logo printed on the card to differentiate them from the regular Series E relic cards.

To add to the chase, purchase a 16-box case of Series E and you will get a National 1/1 Spectacular Patch card.

Another redemption program that Sportkings was already running connected to the Series E product is the Chase Cards. Each box of Series E includes a base card with a letter on the back instead of the standard card back. If you collect all of the letters to spell out “SPORTKINGS” you will receive a special #/10 Premium Sportkings Quad Memorabilia card, collect enough letter chase cards to spell it out twice and you get a 1/1 Premium Sketch card and if you can get enough chase cards to spell it out five times and you will get a 1/1 Premium Art Card hand painted by artist Jared Kelley. I am not sure if the art card will also have the “33rd National” logo or if it was one that he created for the set.

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